Frequent Questions and Answers: 

Q:  “Can I deed my unit/week back?”

A:  At this time, we are not authorized to process deed backs.  If you want to be put on the list of people interested in deed backs, please call or email us and we will make sure your name is added.

Q:  “I no longer own my unit/week.  Why am I getting an invoice?”

A:  When we took over as the appointed receiver, many records were found to be out of date.  Because of this, some invoices were sent in error.  Please disregard the invoice, we are working quickly to resolve these issues and apologize for the inconvenience.

Q:  “Are we still able to trade/bank our weeks with Interval International or RCI?”

A:  We understand that neither Grand Regency, nor Colonnade meets the standards set by these entities and, therefore, they are not accepting trades or banking of units at this time.

Q:  “What happened with the previous developer/declarant?”

A:  The Developer/Declarants interests in Grand Regency and Colonnade were foreclosed on to satisfy financial obligations.  

Q:  “Can I use my unit weeks and stay at the Grand Regency or Colonnade?”

A:  Colonnade is available for booking, and Grand Regency guests are welcome to stay at the Colonnade while we make necessary repairs.

Q:  "When will there be an Owner’s meeting?”

A:  A meeting has not been scheduled at this time.  When one is scheduled, we will send out a notice to all owners.

Q: “Can I pay my fees with credit card?”

A:  At this time, only checks or money orders can be processed for payment.

Q:  “Why is it necessary for us to pay our maintenance fees?”

A:  Necessary repairs and upgrades cannot be made or paid for without maintenance fees being paid.  Since Greenlake foreclosed on their interest, they have subsidized both Associations in order to meet financial obligations.  It is necessary for all Owners to pay maintenance fees in order to continue these operations and make the repairs.

Q:  “Why hasn’t my phone call been returned?”

A:  We are returning calls as quickly as we can, in the order they were received.

Q:  “What is the status on the buildings?”

A:  Grand Regency and Colonnade are both in need of repairs.   

Q:  “I no longer want my unit.  Can you foreclose on my property, so I don’t have to pay anymore?”

A:  Foreclosure is a legal process and could happen in the future however, the owner of the unit week is responsible for any obligations until such time as the Association may be prepared to take such action.

Q:  “What will happen if I do not pay my bill?  Will I be turned to collections/delinquency?”

A:  Delinquent accounts will accrue interest and late payment fees in accordance with the governing documents of the Association and may be subject to liens and collection.

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